Becoming a Wholesale Distributor with Olive Beauty Empire

What does Wholesale Distributor with Olive Beauty Empire mean?

Wholesale distributor means you get to buy products in bulk at a very good price and retail. Olive Beauty Empire does not control your retail price, the merits does not end there, upon becoming a wholesale distributor the buyer is eligible to shop at wholesale price for subsequent product restock for up to 50% off the starting registration fee required & a promotional advert awareness across our social media platforms.

Our category of products are exclusively;

  • Raw donor hairs
  • Skincare
  • Weight loss and
  • Wellness product

Below is a price list of the starting amount to becoming a wholesale distributor with Olive Beauty Empire.

Please note that the price list stipulated above is the minimum required to have a specified quantity of products for retail.

Can I purchase inter state or international?

You can become a wholesale distributor from any part of the world and would ensure for a safe shipping & delivery to your location (Africa, Asia, Europe).

For more inquiry and registration kindly chat with us through the contact icon on the website or fill the contact form below and we would be in touch with you swiftly.

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